Shimpla Document
A global platform for all your compliance document needs.
Shimpla Risk
Our cloud based risk management software makes managing risk simpler than ever!
Shimpla Education
Introducing Shimpla Z, an education game which makes compliance fun and easy to learn!

Making Everything Simple

Our Mission:

Today's global economy offers countless opportunities for companies to expand into new territory, allowing them to broaden their customer base and increase profits. But with these opportunities comes a need to comply with international rules. This is where Shimpla comes in. Shimpla is your compliance passport, providing your company all the tools necessary to maintain a competitive edge on the global playing field.  Leading the revolution in compliance automation and GRC services, Shimpla aims to satisfy the compliance needs of all companies using our trusted services, all based on the values of simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness.
Our mission is to give your company the means to expand its boundaries, in business, and in success.


Cloud Based GRC Services

Shimpla Risk

Shimpla fulfills all of your company's GRC and compliance needs, beginning with risk management including GRC evaluation and consulting, with Shimpla Risk.



Cloud Based Q&A Platform

Shimpla Connect

Shimpla connects users with experts with our very own support hub, all based on an innovative cloud-based messaging and file sharing system, with Shimpla Connect.



 Document Management

Shimpla Document

Shimpla offers a simple and convenient document management system, featuring multi-language support and international policy consulting, with Shimpla Document.




 Audit and Corporate Security

Shimpla Audit

Shimpla manages your company's GRC needs by offering pre-audit and audit services, all performed by our industry professionals, with Shimpla Audit.



Policy Education

Shimpla Education

Shimpla provides an innovative education tool to teach employees about compliance values in a fun and intuitive way, with Shimpla Education.